Bay Nature
Published April 21, 2015
The greater sage grouse is a chicken-like inhabitant of the American prairie and the most controversial bird since the spotted owl. On its future hangs the future of the Endangered Species Act.
Published November 11, 2014
<p class="p1"> California is in the midst of its most severe drought in recorded history. Scientists are seizing the opportunity to better understand how a drought of this scale impacts ecological communities, while others are searching this drought for the fingerprints of climate change. Could California's drought be the new normal?</p>
Published July 5, 2014
<p> <span style="font-size: 19px">Counting is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. But when it comes to counting the endangered California clapper rail, our counts can lie to us. A story about weird birds, hardy biologists, and the difficult methods we employ to move past what our eyes and ears tell us and see something like the truth.</span></p>